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The Right Way to Handle a Workforce Change

In the economy, a mass firing can cause quite the clamor. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the company lacks stability but rather that it is taking on a restructuring and taking quality of employees over quantity so that they are easier to manage and better team relationships can be built. Regardless of what the reason may be, the major change should be dealt with professionally so that the company maintains a good reputation.


Firstly, you must keep in mind that if this workforce change isn’t handled properly then it will cause the company to earn a bad reputation that will make the future quite difficult for the company. The media can pick up on it and the public will be encouraged to speak up against it. Social media will create frenzy if someone with a popular following is concerned with the issue. This will lay a huge blow to the company and create a negative impact. Employers should ensure that the employees being let go will have financial stability and are not being let go without any proper forewarning, training, certifications and severance packages. Communication is imperative between the company and the employee and companies should clearly state the situation and the reason that the employees are being let go to prevent grudges or misunderstandings.


After this has been done and the parting was deemed successful, attention should be paid to the employees that made the cut. Obviously, they survived the whole firing agenda and will have their own thoughts and opinions based on it. They may feel anxious regarding the future of the company or even overconfident for being chosen to stay on. Once again, communication is your friend and companies should make sure that any misunderstandings or negative feelings should be cleared up. Make it clear why certain employees were let go of as well as the future of the organization. They should be aware of how, exactly, the workforce change will affect them and the company and how they can make sure that a positive change is brought around in the company. Transparency will help you have greater trust as well as better relationships with the company. The employees will understand and recognize for whatever reason the employees were let go of and work towards the improvement of the organization as well as workplace behavior.


The culture of your company reaches other organizations as well. The sentiment of your employees is valuable, whether they are past or present HR employees. This is why you must ensure that the transition is successful and that there is no collateral damage that will later on cause trouble for the company’s growth and development.